Investment portfolio

Cartavio manages a portfolio of investments in early stage startups, focusing on pre-seed funding offering a combination of cash and advisory services to help startups establish product-market fit and become ready for venture financing and scalable growth.

The portfolio thesis is to invest in Norwegian based technology startups that are either providing novel services or taking existing services into a new field of business with a unique proposition and a potential for exponential growth or market lock-in for high-x returns. Currently the portfolio is focused primarily on innovation, fintech and medtech companies with a SaaS-delivery model essential to the primary offering, but also make considered investments in exceptional companies in a variety of other fields as well. Investments are primarily done as part of a larger pre-seed stage funding round at less than 25 MNOK / 2.5 MEUR valuation. No direct investments will be made in businesses based outside of the Scandinavian countries, and rarely outside of Norway.

In addition to direct investments Cartavio also makes some placements in pre-seed venture funds and market traded investment vehicles to get wider exposure in other European markets.

Current investment portfolio

  • Dealflow
  • Startup Wise Guys Challenger II
  • Nordic Ignite
  • Acterio
  • B4 Investigate
  • Foodback
  • Horde
  • Birdflocks
  • Accountflow
  • Nordiq Products
  • Storeshop
  • shAIRskills
  • Tigeni
  • Lendino
  • NorQuant
  • FlexiCash
  • Drylab
  • Excero Technologies
  • PictoryTale
  • iNANOD
  • Induct Software