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Consulting services: Startup Advisory

Experience based services to assist startups and small businesses within the fields of technology strategy, scalable technology architecture, business development and fundraising, as well as providing C-level mentoring and working as a CTO-for-hire.

Startup Advisory services

The right advisory services can provide essential support to guide early-stage companies in their journey to success. Cartavio can help entrepreneurs navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of starting a business by working closely to understand your unique needs and develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

These services can cover a wide range of areas as a startup develops, but will in for most companies focus on technology strategy and architecture, business planning and development, financial forecasting and fundraising requirements. In addition this can include being a mentor to key people in the startup such as the CEO or CTO, providing you with valuable insights and advice and connecting your company with the resources you need to succeed. If necessary Cartavio can also take on a full CTO-for-hire role to dig deep into the technology stack and development team to ensure that the processes and architecture behind critical services and solutions are properly built for scalability and growth.


Cartavio AS is the personal advisory company for Svein-Magnus Sørensen, an experienced technology architecture consultant and entrepreneur that have started several companies and who has also worked both with and for a range of small and medium sized startups and scaleups over the past 20 years. In addition he has been investing actively in early-stage startups since 2017, having personally made more than 30 investments, and he is currently Chair of the Board of Directors for NorBAN – the Norwegian Business Angel Network.

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