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Consulting Services: Technology Management

Providing consulting for strategic planning, acquisition, and deployment of technology based on a deep background in managing technology development and deployment across large scale organizations and enterprises.

What is Technology Management?

Technology management is a discipline that focuses on the strategic planning, acquisition, and deployment of technology within an organization. It is a structured approach to ensuring that technology resources align with an organization’s objectives and support its operations and growth through the process of managing the development, implementation, and maintenance of technology within an organization. It involves assessing the current and future technology needs of the business and developing a plan to meet those needs.

Technology Management services

Cartavio offers consultancy services in technology management, providing expert guidance and support in managing technology within an organization. To do this efficiently it is key to work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop a comprehensive technology management plan that addresses those needs. This plan may include the selection and implementation of new technology, as well as the management of existing technology assets and personnel.


Cartavio AS is the personal advisory company for Svein-Magnus Sørensen, an experienced technology architecture consultant specializing in web technology platforms and offering a range of consulting and advisory services on a contract basis, including services as a Solution Architect, Information Architect, Business Analyst, Startup Advisor and Technology Manager (CTO for hire).

Svein-Magnus has a proven track record with 15+ years of experience in successful design and delivery of up to 50 MNOK procurement and development projects, handling all aspects of planning, building, evaluating and managing web and network-based systems focused on solution architecture, non-functional requirements, process design, information architecture, user experience and information security.

Services are available for both government, corporate and smaller startup customers with experience from a wide variety of sectors, including e-health and food safety, education, finance and insurance, automotive services, municipal services, electric utilities and property services.

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